Entertainment Centers and TV Consoles: 8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy.

Entertainment Centers and TV Consoles:
8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy.

Entertainment Centers, TV Consoles, or Media Centers… they go by many names. Whatever you call it, chances are you have at least one or more in your home, or wish you did. So where do you start? You might be thinking it will depend on the size of your TV, but that is not necessarily so! So, let us help you.

1. What room do you need your entertainment center to go, and where in the room will it be placed?

  • Consider stairs and doorways- this will dictate the size of your entertainment center, so make sure it will fit without having to take out a wall or door frame.
  • Placement- will the unit be centered on a wall? Perhaps there’s an empty corner that would be perfect for a corner unit?
  • Power and wire management- be sure there are available outlets or power strips nearby.

2. Is your seating adequate for watching TV in your new entertainment center?

  • The distance from seating to the TV is an important part of optimizing your viewing experience. In the end it will depend on the size of your room, which will drive TV size.
  • Consider the type of seating you have- is it a large sectional sofa and chair, or are you watching TV from bed?
  • How much seating is really enough? Is it just for the kids, the entire family, or for big game day parties?

3. What size is your TV and will it fit?
Now that you know which room your entertainment center will be in, which wall it will be placed on, and how far you are sitting from the TV, this is the fun part: put some blue painter’s tape up on the wall to represent your TV, and see what size really works. Note that items below can impact this final decision.

Entertainment Center_7

Entertainment Center_6

4. What components do you have or plan to have in your media center? 
You are going to want your entertainment center to hold all your A/V equipment, so make a list of everything with measurements. Cable box, DVD player, Blue-ray player, Apple TV, video game equipment, receiver, left/right speakers, and center channel speaker or soundbar. It would also be a perfect home for your music system, as well as DVDs and CDs. This information will be extremely helpful to your salesperson or designer, so bring your list with you when you go shopping.

5. What is the best design for your entertainment center?
Now that you know your TV size and have compiled your component list, you can decide on a design for your entertainment center. Some choices include a TV Console (base only), Entertainment Center with a Hutch top, or a Multifunction Wall Unit. Each of these designs come in many sizes and have many features. Measure all walls in your room, get the ceiling height, and make notes of all outlets, doors, and windows. Think about the architecture of the room and look online or in magazines for design inspiration. Our website is a great place to start. Do you have a large wall that calls for a large beautiful entertainment center or do you need a stunning smaller unit? Would you like the TV hidden away behind doors when not in use? Would a combination wall unit and desk system be handy for you? Hmmmm…

Media Center_vs2

Entertainment Center_9

Entertainment Center_2


6. Now, what is your style, and what is the style of your home?
Country, contemporary, classic, eclectic, traditional, etc. Your entertainment center can be whatever you want it to be, so think about your design inspiration and what styles you like so you’ll be prepared when you go shopping.

Media Console_1

Entertainment Center_8

Media Center_3

Entertainment Center_1

Media Center_1

Entertainment Center_5

7. What about Construction and Quality?
You’ll want this piece of furniture to support, protect, and show off your expensive equipment, and you’ll also want it to last for a long time- so make sure you are getting the quality you want. This unit should be solid and well made, with features like adjustable shelves and drawers with full-extension glides to prevent sinking or wobbling. This is an active piece of furniture, so make sure it is durable enough for your family.

Entertainment Center_4

Wall Unit Media Center_2

8. How do I find someone to help me with this?
Taking all these things into consideration, you’re ready to shop for your new entertainment center. I know it feels a bit complicated, but Country Willow Home does this all day long. Our staff is excellent and is ready to help you. We have no commissioned sales people and offer complimentary design services. Just pick your style, pick your finish, give us your info and we’ll do the rest. We have a very large selection to choose from in our showroom, and we can also easily design a custom entertainment center for you. And remember that “custom” doesn’t mean it comes with a large price tag!


  1. Wow…….how helpful. I am in the midst of purchasing a new home. Country Willow will be my first stop for purchasing a unit for my TV.

  2. Rosemary A Bronson says:

    Do you have any brochures to send? We are currently trying to find a large entertainment system for a large wall and a very tall ceiling (22ft). It needs to house at least a 65″ tv and can incorporate two tall thin speakers on the sides, plus have solid doors on the bottom.
    If you can possible send a brochure.
    Thank You.

    • Hi Rosemary- I can send you a general brochure but we do not have one dedicated to entertainment centers. We do ship to Florida with a service that specializes in Florida deliveries. We can build you something that fits your space if you would like. What is your style or how would you describe what you are looking for? Is there something on our website in the Entertainment Centers section that you like? When you open the images you should see a number in the left top corner on the image for reference. Here is the link.

      You can send me some photos of the room and how it is furnished, and I can give you some feedback on what we can do for you. Please email me direct. roy@countrywillow.com

      Best – Roy Estrow, Owner

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